This dvd and cd-rom were developed to give everyone from beginners to experts a better understanding of what to expect when they shoot their 16mm films. Instead of having to do expensive and time consuming filmtests yourself, you can now simply navigate to the test you would like to see. In these disks you will see all current filmstocks produced by Kodak and Fuji as well as other tests including bleach bypassing, cross processing, usage of different types of filters, and combinations of all of the above. To better realize capabilities and sensitivity, everything has also been underexposed and overexposed several stops. There is no better, faster, cheaper, and more accurate way to see so many possibilities.



- both dvd and cd-rom
- over 300 clips
- over 2 hours of footage
- side by side comparisons of all major filmstocks
- bleach bypassing
- cross processing
- filters
- interior and exterior examples